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Our Story

Our story


Quick, light, dramatic, suspenseful, or just plain piano music for a daily drama, documentary or
cooking show - looking for music for your project? Muzicwise offers the shortest and most effective
way to find a licensed soundtrack for your project.
  Producers, advertising agencies,
video editors and post production studios, our clients get access to an easily searchable music
database organized under different catalogs with a simple interface – it's as easy as ordering take
away online!
In addition, Muzicwise offers online tools and solutions for

management of productions intended for commercial broadcast.

Music library

Musical consulting

What do we do


Muzicwise owns the rights to a variety of high quality musical compositions.  if you thought
about using well known music from existing repertoires or  you are interested in original
music produced especially for you – we have a variety of solutions that will help you to perfectly match
the music to your project, and broadcast it over any type of media, anywhere around the world.



Music library


We have carefully selected a variety of ready to use musical tracks – written, performed and recorded by top composers and writers. Our tagging system and search engine are planned to help you easily and quickly find the music for your project.  
To manage your project, you can use the file management system and the automatic CueSheet reporting system to collect all required information and send reports anywhere you like.

Musical consulting


Muzicwise's musical consulting is based on years of experience in the field, in numerous projects and on in depth knowledge of various musical styles as well as copyrights and required licenses.
Feel free to send us a brief or references to or call us at 972-3-5251151
and we will get back to you with a suggested playlist
that best fits your project – artistic wise and production wise.




We, at Muzicwise, are always happy to add new tracks and new talents to our family. We'd love to hear
from you! Send us a demo to We promise to listen very attentively
and  get back to you with our response.
Record labels and publishers are welcome to contact us at

How does it work?


Film producers, a broadcast network, TV producers, musical consultants, video editors, advertising agencies or multimedia companies - with Muzicwise your use of music will be easy, simple and effective. At your disposal you will find a huge database of broadcast music of the highest broadcast quality, a quick search engine with tagging and segmentation options, that provides precise and relevant results,  a sophisticated management system that will save you time and money, a 


playlist sharing option, the ability to make changes and adapt the tracks that we have as raw materials specifically to your project's needs, full compatibility with editing programs: Protools, Avid, Final Cut, Logic, download in various high quality formats,  access from any location (with internet access) including mobile devices, and the CueSheet reporting system, that will collect all 


data about all music used in your project and send it anywhere you wish

You will no longer need to go on a search expedition looking for licenses

and limitations in all kinds of 


websites. Our use licenses are phrased according to the specific needs of each production and all of our music is approved for broadcast by all relevant licensed bodies. The payment options are 


flexible and adapted to the unique conditions of each and every project. You pay only for the actual use of the music and not for the download. With Muzicwise you are free to be the most creative. 


Muzicwise is proud to encourage and support local producers and creations and we are committed to donating a fixed percentage of our earnings to leading social ventures.

We are here because of our love for music and we thank you for visiting our website.


How does it work?
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Contact Us

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